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We offer various quality education programs with age-appropriate Montessori materials and experiences at Neo Immersion Montessori. Our customized teacher-student ratio allows close guidance during work periods, and encouragement for optimal hands-on learning environment. 

For further information, view details on available programs below. 

This is an introductory preschool cohort of 3-3.5 years old. It is perfect for the young preschooler who will benefit from a smaller, less-overwhelming learning environment with closer attention from teacher. The classroom is enriched with hands-on learning materials that encourage curiosity and creativity, with many opportunities for interactive play. Teachers will focus on communicating, sharing, and grace and curiosity with children.

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)

Children need to be 3.5-4 years old by September 1st to attend this Pre-K cohort. Offered in the mornings, it is the perfect mixed-aged class for the child who is developmentally ready for more choice, more transitions, and additional classmates in a larger learning environment. Children are learning academics through self-organizing Montessori curriculum with interactive experiences. They are also learning important social-emotional and regulation skills necessary for school success: how to take initiative with peers, engage in cooperative play, manage their impulses, follow instructions, share thoughts and feelings, and negotiate conflicts. 

Language Immersion

The bilingual program is carried out daily in Chinese (Mandarin) and English with the curriculum areas covered in the regular Pre-K classroom. Materials and posters around the classroom are printed with Chinese characters. Phonics instruction is in the Chinese dialect for a total immersion experience. Simultaneous English translation is offered as needed to bridge the gap between the cultures and languages dynamics in guiding the child's interests.

Outdoor Learning
Children work with their hands in gardening and habitat restoration materials that compliment the curriculum and provide first-hand understanding of native plant habitats and the cycles of nature through outdoor experiences.
We offer various enrichment activities to enhance the child's creativity and physical wellness in between work period transitions. Children get to explore from sports movement in developing gross motor skills, sense of music rhythm in dancing, knowledge of healthy nutrition in making homemade snacks, to cross the midline coordination through kids yoga. 
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