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Our Four Favorite Montessori Influenced Blogs

Busy times call for online support resources! Here are some of our favorite blogs written by Montessori parents and educators:

  • Living Montessori Now Deb Chitwood is a former Montessori teacher and school owner who homeschooled her now-adult children through high school. Living Montessori Now offers loads of activity ideas, free printables, and curated lists of educational videos, appropriately themed by subject, season, or month. You can find Living Montessori Now content (featuring Deb’s daughter and grandchildren) on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. Deb also writes Bits of Positivity, a parenting blog where she provides inspirational quotes, mindfulness tips, character education, and yes, more freebies!

  • Carrots Are Orange offers guidance to those who are new to Montessori principles, tips on positive parenting, online training courses and a wide variety of high-quality printables for purchase. The blog is organized in a way that allows you to go directly to content for a subject area - Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Geography, or Life Science - or to lessons for your child’s specific age group, from infant to elementary. Find Carrots Are Orange on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and subscribe to their newsletter to access free printables!

  • How We Montessori is an old school blog, with a long list of categories on the right side of the page. You can easily spend hours exploring blog posts based on the search terms provided, like Five Minute Montessori, International Families, and In The Kitchen. The author Kylie also lovingly tracked the developmental progress of her children by month, providing advice, product recommendations, and activity ideas along the way.

  • Nicole Kavanaugh, founder of The Kavanaugh Report, is a Montessori mother of five. In addition to advice about establishing a Montessori home and blog posts organized by age (from 1 month to 11 years), she offers courses, product recommendations, and even a personal email consultation service! You can also join the email list and receive weekly messages and a free mini ebook. Even better: listen to Nicole and co-host Amy Dorsch (Montessori mother of three!) discuss the realities of being a Montessori parent on their Shelf Help podcast.


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