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Welcome to the Modern Montessori Podcast!

We are so pleased to bring to you the first Modern Montessori Podcast. This months episode we are introducing ourselves and telling you a little more of what you can expect. You can find the episodes on our website and on all major podcast platforms!

The Modern Montessori Podcast is a place for parents and educators to discuss how to combine traditional Montessori concepts with the realities of our changing world. As a single parent and founder of Neo Immersion Montessori School (NIMS) in Pacifica, CA, Elina Chen is well aware that those who are raising Generation Alpha, children born between 2010 and 2024, can sometimes feel alone in their journey. 

Elina created Neo Global as an online resource for Montessori educators and parents to find useful information, share their own experiential wisdom, and become a partner in a network of like-minded individuals around the globe.

In upcoming episodes, we will:

  • Discuss raising Generation Alpha while addressing their exposure to online stimulation

  • Consider how to modernize Montessori philosophy in response

  • Share the collective wisdom gained from parents and teachers at NIMS

  • Crack the code around the myths of how children “should” be and what parents “need” to do

  • Provide listeners with useful information, inspirational stories, and expert advice based on hands-on experience, so they can apply lessons learned to their own difficult circumstances

  • Encourage each individual to give themselves grace in their own lives, whether they are a single parent, a co-parent, or they fill any other parenting role 

  • Empower parents to have fun and enjoy becoming more involved in their children’s education and development

  • Invite parents and teachers to join our network and become a part of the guiding light for others in their Montessori journey

  • Reflect on all this and more! 

If you are trying to make sense of your path as a Montessori parent or educator, you do not have to do it all by yourself. Join us next month!


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