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Gift of Giving This Winter Season

In the spirit of Giving Week, our school encourage students and families to adopt into own household this year. Students learn the significance in showing filial piety (孝, xiào) offer love, respect, support, and deference to parents, or other elders in the family (e.g. grandparents or older siblings). Nothing can replace the genuine moments from our students who take this value to heart and self-realize how to further practice at home, and even the community.

Our students remain hopeful to reunite for winter recital with the Seniors when safely return at the assisted living residents of Atria Daly City in the future. As a warm token of our support, we have handmade holiday ornaments for our community outreach in gift-giving for this winter season.

On behalf of our Staff Members, we wish everyone a hopeful year ahead. Be well and merry into 2021!


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