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Through The Eyes of My Montessorian Child

Sometimes I learn a lot from my son's eyes. I never see the excitement in wanting to go to school as much as his friends in a Montessori nursery program at 18-months old. In less than 8-months, I become a firm believer of the Montessori philosophy and extensively learn more about it through research, teacher training, working in preschools, to opening the first-ever bilingual Montessori school with both English and Chinese (Mandarin) daily curriculums along the coast of Pacific Ocean between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.

Welcome to Neo Immersion Montessori School, and invite you to hear more about my journey through your eyes (see video).

About Elina C. Chen, Founder and Executive Director of Neo Immersion Montessori School:

After 14+ years of being in corporate communications for Fortune 100 companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, she had taken a leap of faith to fulfill her childhood dream in becoming a teacher and inspiring others in the community. With both disciplines and certifications from researched-based kids yoga (It's Yoga, Kids®)  and Montessori Education Teacher Training (MTEC) from American Montessori Society, she blends academic with wellness through whole-child learning development approach. 


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