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Musical Minds

There is no question that music can impact us in deep ways and for our young ones, this impact equates to increased neural activity and therefore ability. In other words, the musical messages sent through our neurons at an early age carve the path for future musical achievement. This comes as no surprise since we all have this experience with language acquisition. Why is it so important to carve the pathway for music at a young age? Because this is the time when musical APTITUDE can be increased. When aptitude and experience are paired together, high musical achievement, or what people might call “talent,” is possible.

When musical aptitude is fostered during the early ages, a whole world of social-emotional experiences is opened: a chance to take turns and honor peers and adults, a quiet moment to listen carefully, an opportunity to create and see others create, a time to increase blood flow and endorphins, and a moment of bonding with peers during musical games and a time to work together as a team. If there is musical aptitude, then there is also an aptitude to function and work together. Music is an incredible way to develop these skills. It seems magical, but it’s really just science!


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